Decision Making

I left my last "normal" job in May of 2008. Six years, two children, a small business, and a new country later, I find myself ready to get back to work. So the natural question that everyone has been asking is, "What are you going to do?" It seems like a simple question, but finding the right answer has taken an overwhelming amount of research and soul-searching. ...and in the end, I've found myself standing right back where I started.

The only thing I've always been 100% sure of in my life is that I'm an artist. Since I was a little girl, I could get completely engrossed in a drawing or art project (a trait that I see inherited by my daughter that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.) I have always loved visually dissecting an object, a building, a face in order to find the often overlooked details that make it amazing.

So I've spent months searching possibilities in order to arrive at the most obvious choice. I'm getting back in touch with my creative self, and laying the stones to follow my true life's passion. I'm getting back to my roots as an artist, a teacher, an observer, a seeker of simple and profound beauty.

This blog is my visual documentary. For the next many months, I'll be preparing a body of work for an application to graduate school. I'll post photos of paintings, drawings, random projects, and other things that I find wonderful. I'd be delighted if you join me on my journey. Comment, question, join in the conversation. I'd really love your company.